diamond painting sealer
diamond painting sealer
diamond painting sealer
diamond painting sealer
diamond painting sealer
diamond painting sealer

Uszczelniacz do malowania diamentów 5D 120ML

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Diamond Painting Sealer 120ML

  • Permanently Holds & Provides a Glossy Finish: Our diamond painting sealer is perfect for preserving your finished diamond paintings, ensuring they stay in place and have a glossy, clean finish. Initially, it may appear white when applied to the diamond stones, but it will dry clear and shiny. It is suitable for all 5D diamond paintings.
  • Safe Diamond Painting Glue: Our diamond painting sealer is made of PVA, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and water-based glue. It is safe for both adults and children.
  • Easy to Use: This all-in-one sealer can be easily applied to the surface of your diamond painting and left to dry. It cures quickly, with the surface curing in just 15 minutes, and fully curing in approximately 30 minutes (depending on the thickness of each layer). There is no need to clean the sponge head under running water, simply tighten the cap after use. Please remove the sealing film and unscrew the lid before using the sealer.
  • Wide Range of Applications: This 120ML (4 oz) diamond painting sealer is not only suitable for all diamond paintings but also perfect for puzzles. Once you have completed a diamond painting or puzzle masterpiece with patience and wisdom, our sealer will help you preserve and store it properly. It is the perfect companion to keep your diamond paintings and puzzles protected.


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